Android And iPhone Owners, Beware: Delete These Apps!

Cyber security experts have discovered a staggering amount of 200+ applications that carry with them hefty security risks. Unfortunately, these malicious apps are often unknowingly downloaded by victims and then proceed to illicitly obtain credit card information and hijack user accounts. To protect yourself if you own an Android or iPhone device, it is immensely important to unearth any potentially dangerous apps identified in the report and uninstall them swiftly!

203 Malicious Apps Found for iPhone and Android Phones.

Recent research by Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) and the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) revealed 203 dangerous apps on Android and iPhone. These malware-infected apps can be used to drain bank accounts and steal personal data.

203 applications in Google Play Store and App Store; It has been reported that it has spread to more than one category, from photography to camera, file extension converter to messaging. DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn urged users to be wary of these apps and update their phones.

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These Apps Use Many Different Methods To Harm.

According to researchers, these malware attack users in various ways. Warning Android and iOS owners against the phishing attack, Minister Thanakamanusorn said that accounts in mobile banking applications should be used on a single device.

If you notice anything unusual on your device, such as rapid battery drain or slow performance, you may have downloaded one of these 203 apps. Still, it’s worth noting that malware that can steal your money and personal data has been removed from the Play Store and App Store.

The best way to avoid such apps is to only install apps from trusted developers. Although the app’s rating and reviews are important, malicious apps try to be trusted with bot reviews and stars.

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