Solana Has Technical Problems: Transactions Almost Stopped

Another issue is now plaguing the Solana network. The amount of network transactions have significantly decreased, and activity has all but stopped. The amount of transactions per second, which was 4 to 5,000, decreased to 11, according to Solana Explorer. As of 11.10 CET, the issue from 10.00 CET has not yet been fixed. There seems to be a clustering issue, and the engineers were attempting to fix it, according to a status report on Solana‘s official website.

Solana Network is Trying to Fix the Issue

Due to technical issues, users doing transactions on the Solana network experienced numerous disruptions. On Saturday, the network began experiencing its first issues. While the exact reason for the network issues is yet unknown, validator operators and core developers suspect a defect in the Solana code that was only hours before the outage.

Solana Network is Trying to Fix the Issue

According to Chorus One, network issues have caused validators to use more RAM than usual and much less throughput. Validators have been prompted to restart their network clusters on Solana’s official Discord channel.

It Seems Like Solana’s Facing a Fork Event

There was a significant fork event, according to Chorus One, and as a result, blocks were accepted slowly, according to a message posted on the Twitter account of SolBlaze, a software provider in Solana.

Engineers at Solana found two solutions to the issue. One included progressively lowering the software version, while the other involved restarting the system as a last option. According to SolBlaze, validators have started the downgrade from version 1.14 to version 1.13. It seems that the nodes are being downgraded decentralizedly and that Solana Labs has not recommended this approach.

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