A 2300-Year-Old Child Mummy, Golden Boy, Has Been Digitally Examined

2300-Year-Old Child Mummy, As a parting gift for his journey to the afterlife, 2,300 years ago, an Egyptian teenage boy had been carefully mummified and adorned with 49 powerful amulets plus a luminous golden mask.

A 2300-Year-Old Child Mummy, Golden Boy, Has Been Digitally Examined

Excavations of millennia-old mummies provide invaluable insight into the health, death rites, and beliefs of long-past civilizations. However, unwrapping these corpses is a destructive practice that destroys much evidence in its wake. Thankfully, researchers have discovered an innovative process: CT scans aid them in examining what lies beneath the wrappings without disturbing or desecrating any bodies!

Researchers have digitally opened a 2300-year-old mummy named “Golden Boy.” A computed tomography scan was used to look inside the coffin, allowing digital reconstructions of bone, blood vessels, soft tissues, and more with X-rays.

Child Mummy Buried With Amulets

Wonderfully stylized amulets were encountered on the mummy‘s body, between the folds of the wrappings, and inside the mummy’s body cavity. According to Sahar Salemm, a radiologist at the University of Cairo, Egypt, these ornaments, mostly gold, are consistent with the rituals written in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Golden Boy Mummy

It is said that the Golden Boy mummy, which has no organs other than its heart and its teeth are clean, was first discovered in 1916 in a necropolis in Nag el Hassaya, the cemetery of the city of Edfu. It is known that the boy lived in the Ptolemaic period, around 330 BC, possibly having a high status.

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