Apple and Google Might Be Engaged in a “Silent War.”

Apparently, Apple has not forgotten how Google supposedly reproduced iOS and is still taking steps to eliminate Google from the iPhone. While this report may seem thin in details, two former Apple engineers have confirmed what those with inside knowledge already know: there’s no love lost between Apple and Google when it comes to competition in the tech world. This aligns with previous accounts of their rivalry too.

The Old Grudges Still Persist as a “Silent War.”

According to both past engineers, Apple’s relationship with Google is nothing less than a grudge – one of these sources even took it so far as to note that the animosity between them had become an entire “silent war.” The Financial Times has since reported that this conflict has been fought on three fronts, beginning with Apple Maps.

When Apple Maps launched in 2012, it was met with widespread criticism and is still seen as a lacking service compared to Google Maps. This resulted from the refusal of Google to provide turn-by-turn directions for iPhones that Android users were already receiving, thus leading Apple to create their own maps application.

Apple may not have a pressing need to delve into the search engine field, but since 2015 they have been developing AppleBot. This groundbreaking search engine has, at times, been used by Siri and Spotlight. According to The Financial Times, this is yet another domain where we will see tech giants compete.

Apple and Google Might Be Engaged in a "Silent War."

There Have Even Been Employee Shifts from Apple and Google.

Reports about an Apple Search have been ongoing due to the separate service it will provide from Google-style search. However, this might have changed in late 2022 when staff working on Apple Search left and rejoined Google instead. Apple is reportedly going up against Google in its advertising business, as the tech giant’s privacy features may be detrimental to third-party advertisers. This could simply be an expansion of Apple’s offerings rather than part of some kind of “silent war” attack. Regardless, the company’s ad platform is growing significantly even under these conditions.

Despite the controversy, Apple remained silent regarding the Financial Times report.

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