Along with Smartphone Sales, Apple Sales Also Crashed

Market analysts at IDC have reported unprecedented slumps in smartphone sales. Even Apple‘s iPhones, known for their wide popularity, are not immune from the double-digit decreases. Unfortunately, according to current projections, these declines are expected to remain consistent in the coming months.

There Is a General Decline in All Companies.

According to IDC, Apple moved 72.3 million iPhones during the fourth and final quarter of 2022 – a significant drop from the 85 million sold in 2021’s corresponding period. This represented an annual decrease of 14.9 percent in iPhone sales.

In a press release, Nabila Popal, IDC’s director of research, stated that there had never been dips in shipments during the holiday period until now. She explained that weakening demand and overstocking have caused vendors to drastically lower their shipment numbers.

IDC reported that smartphone sales plummeted to 1.21 billion units in 2022 due to a severe dip in consumer demand, inflation, and economic uncertainties. Surprisingly, Apple fared better than expected during the holiday season – their market share rose by one point from 23.1 percent last year to 24.1 percent this quarter. Throughout the entire year of 2021, Apple’s overall market share was 18.8%, placing them in second place; Samsung led with 21.6%.

Along with Smartphone Sales, Apple Sales Also Crashed

Despite the Decline, Samsung Smartphone Remains the Market Leader.

In the last quarter of 2020, South Korean manufacturer Samsung had a 15.6% decrease in their smartphone sales, while Chinese company Xiaomi faced the largest dip with 26.3%.

Vivo experienced the most significant drop in smartphone market share for 2022 at 22.8%, while Apple and Samsung were more adeptly able to survive this testing period with minimal losses. However, it appears that reduction trends are expected to last well into 2023’s first quarter – as forecasted by industry experts.

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