Metaco and DZ Bank Offer Crypto Services To Their Customers

For some time now, hard steps have been taken in European Union countries regarding crypto-assets. From Germany, one moderate step after another is being taken regarding crypto-assets. For example, DZ Bank, Germany’s second-largest bank, will cooperate with digital asset manager Metaco to sell coins. DZ Bank will work with Metaco to fully integrate digital currencies into its wealth management offering.

DZ Bank Prefers Metaco

According to a statement, DZ Bank has selected Metaco’s Harmonize custody platform to offer digital asset services to its institutional clients. According to the bank’s CEO, Nils Christopeit, Metaco’s Harmonize platform meets the company’s security and scalability criteria.

“In addition to a lasting and fast-growing partnership, we want to develop an attractive solution for our customers that meets the requirements of cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial instruments,” Christopeit said.

Metaco’s head of sales, Craig Perrin, also elaborated on the partnership with DZ Bank. The CEO expressed his team’s excitement to work with DZ Bank and support their corporate products. Perrin also noted that Metaco’s infrastructure is specifically designed to help companies adopt digital assets and participate in the digital asset economy.Metaco and DZ Bank Offer Crypto Services To Their Customers

Previously Agreed Upon

The collaboration between Metaco and DZ Bank is not the company’s first cooperation with a German company. Metaco is already actively working with a number of key German companies.

On Feb. 9, Metaco announced that it was working with another German bank, DekaBank, to create a blockchain-based tokenization platform. According to the information, the infrastructure will be built in 2023 and operational in 2024.

The digital asset management platform has partnered with a Turkish manufacturer outside of Germany and one of the most prominent local banks in the Philippines. Metaco partnered with Turkish automaker Togg on Jan. 10 to launch smart contract-based automotive services.

The company helped UnionBank, a Philippine bank, launch custody and trading services for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) on Nov. 2.

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