Amazon AWS Partner with Blockchain Companies

Emin Gün Sirer, the creator and CEO of Ava Labs, recently took to Twitter to express his excitement about the collaboration with Amazon. According to Howard Wright – head of startups at AWS – this could be “game-changing” for blockchain technology in our market and will likely lead developers around the world using Activate by Avalanche multiplied by Subnet.

AWS Will Speed Up the Introduction of Blockchain to Companies

AWS offers massive financial support to projects looking to leverage Avalanche to construct subnets. Emin Gün Sirer affirms that both Amazon and Alibaba are aware of blockchain technology’s potential, so they want to collaborate with one blockchain platform to achieve the said vision.

By collaborating with Ava Labs, AWS hopes to expedite the adoption of blockchains among businesses and organizations. Through their services on AWS Marketplace, including an easy-to-use node provisioning system, they are helping support Avalanche’s infrastructure and dApp ecosystem. To ensure that customers meet FedRAMP compliance requirements while running nodes in AWS GovCloud, Amazon Web Services has implemented a series of measures in line with the joint statement issued by both parties. John Wu, President of Ava Labs, highly recommends AWS Activate as a great way for developers to quickly launch applications with unprecedented security and scalability that Avalanche provides.

Amazon AWS Partner with Blockchain Companies

AWS Partnership Has Worked Well for Avalanche

By introducing AWS validators, Avalanche is looking to provide a greater level of security by protecting the subnet across various regions and availability zones. Emin Gun Sirer proudly stated: “Our protocol allows millions of participants to have near-instant finality, and our joint venture with Amazon gives us the opportunity to increase Avalanche’s positive influence quickly.”The value of the former top ten cryptocurrency Avalanche was highly impacted by positive news and even surpassed Bitcoin in terms of price growth. The coin has increased by a whopping 68 percent since January 1st, 2023. After Amazon’s partnership announcement, the currency skyrocketed 28%, which resulted in its rank moving up to 14th place among CoinMarketCap’s largest coins (as of January 28th).

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