These Three AI Cryptocurrencies Have Caught A Very Rapid Rise In The Last few Days

Since its emergence, the crypto market has experienced a wide array of fluctuations that have captivated investors to explore this new venture. With traditional cryptos producing lackluster results, many are now turning towards AI cryptocurrencies to take advantage of their futuristic potential and maximize returns. AI crypto provides an opportunity for those seeking exponential growth and bullish performance!

Investors Are Very Interested In AI Cryptocurrencies

Microsoft’s $10 billion investment in OpenAI and Google’s recent advances with ChatGPT by introducing its rival Bard have resulted in an incredible leap in AI cryptocurrency prices. In the past 24 hours alone, Fetch.AI, SingularityNET token, and The Graph token experienced a surge surpassing 25% thanks to immense whale stacking activities from investors.

Fetch.AI Jumped 60% In The Last 7 Days

In the past week, Fetch.AI has surged an incredible 60% and is currently trading near $0.38 (February 13). The community recognized its potential as an interchain bridge and its contribution to the Autonomy of Things (AoT), leading it to be featured in the list of daily gainers – a remarkable achievement! As FET’s mainnet recorded a fantastic five million transactions, whales have been capitalizing on the dip and accumulating tokens. If we take a look at its daily price chart, expectations are high for an even higher surge as it breaks out above its yearly resistance level of $0.62–potentially increasing by 50% to test a new resistance near $1.1!

The Graph (GRT) Also Joins Other AI Cryptocurrencies on the Rise

SingularityNET Has Doubled Itself In The Last Week

Since the dawn of 2023, SingularityNET‘s AGIX token has skyrocketed with a 900% increase in value. The team has been ardently developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) and just today sealed a partnership with Cardano’s Plutus that induced an instant 30% surge on the AGIX price chart within mere hours!

As of today (February 13), SingularityNET has surged 131% since last week, currently trading at $0.37. The daily price chart indicates that the AI token is on course to surpass its 2021’s high of $0.67 and could eventually reach an even higher mark – a remarkable milestone of one dollar!

The Graph (GRT) Also Joins Other AI Cryptocurrencies on the Rise

After prolonged stagnation in a confined zone, The Graph token has been met with an immense surge propelled by the bullish sentiment of Artificial Intelligence-related cryptocurrencies. After successfully breaking through its long-term average trend line at around $0.1461 (as per CoinMarketCap), The Graph is now on course to reach prices not seen since 2022! With over 35% increase from yesterday’s close and no signs of slowing down anytime soon, if it breaches its next resistance level of $0.21, there may be room to achieve levels as high as $0.3 in the near future!

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