Famous Italian NFT Artist Announced His Free NFT Project

Amidst most individuals vying to make a few bucks, renowned Italian NFT artist Giovanni Motta shows his appreciation for his community today by offering an exclusive free mint. This is how he has chosen to kick-start his NFT project in grand style!

This Will Be A New NFT Project Inspired By His Past Work

On Tuesday, 8 February, Giovanni Motta’s community can access his NFT Art project by minting a maximum of 3 NFTs for free via Manifold. The still image work is titled Wonder Machine and was taken from the artist’s main work video in the series entitled “Wonder Angel.” This Saturday, 11 February, users can similarly mint 5 pieces from the same video–all at no cost–as long as they stay within the limit of 3 per wallet, thus allowing collectors to obtain one of Motta’s most exquisite works: Wonder Angel.

Giovanni Motta has gained notoriety for his digital art, which often showcases a cartoonish-looking character called Jonny Boy. He serves as an embodiment of the inner child within us all and is utilized by Motta to evoke emotions associated with being a young person coming into their own in this world. Through Jonny Boy, he seeks to explore or simply recall our shared childhood innocence and joys from discovering life.

This Will Be A New NFT Project Inspired By His Past Work.

Here are the Details of the New Project, Wonder Machine

In the captivating art piece Wonder Machine, viewers are presented with a future in which technology has become so advanced that children can be manufactured on an assembly line. These infants are made of sophisticated materials and organic elements and then arranged in sequence, awaiting their emergence into existence.

At the head of the line, a colossal machine hums to life and employs its laser scanner to bring each child in this NFT project into existence. Fascinatingly, it doesn’t just activate them but calibrates their systems too. As they come alive and take those first steps, curiosity fills every corner of their faces—a sentiment that the artist has depicted beautifully with precision. Undoubtedly filled with wonderment for all that lies ahead, these children marvel at what awaits them as they enter into an unknown world!

In Wonder Machine, the children’s expressions portray a future in which technology and life are melded together, creating a new breed of humans that blur the distinction between man and machine. Through this movie, we’re invited to contemplate the potential effects of our increasing reliance on technologically-driven lives. The reality is that innovation has now empowered us with opportunities far beyond what was once imaginable – let us remember how powerful it can be!

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