MSC Raises Expectations For Trade Volumes In 2023

MSC is undoubtedly one of the largest shipping companies in the world.

MSC is undoubtedly one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Although there are many different statistics on the subject, this conclusion can easily be drawn from the number of ships sailing the world’s oceans alone. According to Statista, the Swiss shipping industry, which is considered an indicator of global trade, has a 17.5 percent share of the container transport market.

MSC Raises Expectations For Trade Volumes In 2023

MSC America Is Expanding Its Operations

According to Toft, “We continue to see the U.S. as a big advantage. They are a net exporter of energy. I think they’ve managed to bring inflation down gradually, and the labor market is solid. There’s almost full employment. So we continue to see the U.S. as extremely healthy and hopeful.

Toft said he is starting to see signs of recovery in the trade channel between China and Europe, and this is a signal for consumer demand.

his Process May Take A Long Time

Mediterranean Shipping Corporation (MSC), the world’s largest shipping company, expects positive economic signs, but it will take months for the recovery to take hold.

According to Soren Toft, CEO of MSC, the industry has been affected by declining global demand and severe supply chain disruptions in recent quarters, but the rest of the year will be positive. We have cautious hopes that the global economy will recover. I think there will be some business activity by the middle of the year.”

Toft pointed out that North American and European inventories are still very high and are having a negative impact on trade volumes, but that freight orders will increase as inventories come down.

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