EA’s Grand Name Trip Hawkins Is Now On The NFT Field

Legendary creators from the video game business have been drawn to the crypto space, like Will Wright and Peter Molyneux, who is now working on NFT-based games. Now, there’s another well-known name to add to that list: Trip Hawkins, the EA company’s original creator and CEO, who is a well-known video game producer.

Hawkins was named today as the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Games for a Living, a firm that creates games based on NFTs and tokens created using blockchain technology. Manel Sort, a former first vice president of Candy Crush Saga creator King, co-founded Games for a Living. The two seasoned gamers previously collaborated at Digital Chocolate, a mobile gaming firm founded by Hawkins.

Games for a Living is Making an NFT Battle Pass

The publisher had previously released promotional Ethereum NFTs related to the game and will release an NFT “battle pass” along with its own GFAL token in March. Also, Games for a Living’s debut game, Elemental Raiders, is now accessible on Steam in a regular free-to-play edition sans tokenized aspects.

Early in March, a sanctioned Elemental Raiders tournament will take place with NFT and token prizes, although not in the Steam version of the game. It has also hinted at a second game, Diamond Dreams, which is a matching-puzzle game powered by NFT.

EA's Grand Name Trip Hawkins Is Now On The NFT Field

The Platform will not be Bound to Ethereum

According to a Games for a Living official, the majority of in-game NFTs, including the GFAL token, will be printed on the BNB Chain. Nevertheless, certain NFTs (like the aforementioned combat pass) will initially be created on Ethereum and then “converted” to BNB Chain through the company’s user interface.

In contrast to an open, trustless platform like Ethereum or Solana, the publisher eventually plans to deploy its own blockchain platform for gaming, according to its whitepaper. According to Games for a Living, a foundation will be created to manage the blockchain network and provide the guidelines under which other developers can publish their respective NFT-driven games on the platform.

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