Ford Recalls Approximately 462,000 Vehicles Due To Defective Cameras

Ford, America’s second-largest automotive manufacturer, is once again issuing a recall of its vehicles due to issues concerning the rearview camera. This recent announcement brings attention to an ongoing quality control issue for the company and is certain to have significant ramifications for both Ford as an entire corporation and its large customer base. The company has implemented corrective actions that were mandatory because of their failure to fix their previous recalls, totaling hundreds of thousands with costs anticipated to be of a huge proportion.

Nearly Half a Million Cars Are Recalled.

On Friday, the automotive group announced a total of approximately 462,000 Lincoln Explorer, Aviator, and Corsair models that are subject to inspection for a defect. The models in question have model years from 2020 to 2023, with a faulty component that can cause the cameras to display distorted images or not provide any output at all. This recall affects many drivers in North America and has done so since the announcement on Friday.

Ford Motor has recently initiated a recall of an astonishing 383,000 cars in the US market. The company also revealed that it had distributed most of the remaining vehicles across Canada and Mexico. On the other hand, Europe is not affected by this large-scale recall as no Ford automobile there needs to be serviced for defective rear-view cameras like many others had been in North America last year.

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Ford Has Suffered from Such Incidents In The Past.

In late 2021, Ford revealed that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had advised them of reports pertaining to a blue image in their rear camera display. This prompted them to investigate these claims, ultimately leading to an August 2021 recall of 620,246 vehicles due to another separate issue detected in the rear cameras. The NHTSA is currently reviewing if Ford responded promptly and sufficiently with this process by initiating the full-scale recall necessary for safety assurance measures.

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