Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How Has Bitcoin Started The New Week?

Bitcoin, which started last week by descending to the support point at the $ 21400 level, quickly made attacks up to the $ 25200 level, which is the peak of August 2022, with purchases from this point. Faced with the intense selling pressure from here, Bitcoin closed the following days between $ 23500 and $ 24600. Bitcoin, which started the day at $24632, experienced a similar scenario, and rapid attacks up to $25192. With the sales from this region, it closed the day with a decrease of 1.46% at $ 24271. Bitcoin’s performance this week, which closed with an increase of 11.42% weekly, was eagerly awaited by investors.

Bitcoin, which started the day at $ 24272 in the new week, is trading at $ 24461 with a daily increase of 0.78% at the minute of our writing.

Bitcoin Chart Analysis

Bitcoin Chart Analysis

Bitcoin, which has repeatedly tried to break the resistance at $ 25211 in the past week, faced very hard sales from this region. We can say that this region will appear as resistance in the new week. In possible retracements, the daily EMA 5, $24173, and EMA21, $23137, appear as our first support points.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: How Has Bitcoin Started The New Week?

What is the latest situation in Altcoin?

The latest situation in some altcoins;

  • Ethereum: up 0.55% at $1689,
  • Solano: up 6.64% at $26.48,
  • Avax: up 2.21% at $20.21,
  • Ripple: up 0.59% at $0.3907,
  • BNB: It is trading at $316.2, up 1.48% at the time of writing.

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