Turkey Is Going Through Very Difficult Times…

As a dramatic rescue effort continues, hopes of finding more survivors are fading in the face of freezing cold and shortages of supplies. The earthquake devastated Turkey and Syria and could cause economic losses of more than $4 billion, rating agency Fitch said. More than 17,500 people have died, and the death toll is expected to rise as rescuers rake debris for survivors.  

“Economic losses are hard to estimate as the situation is evolving, but they appear likely to exceed” $2 billion and could reach $4 billion “or more”, Fitch Ratings said.

No Hope Left in Turkey Malatya!

In the Turkish city of Malatya, Ozer Pickar, a former journalist involved in rescue efforts, said he believed at least some of the victims had frozen to death as temperatures dropped to -6 degrees Celsius. 

“As of today, there is no hope left in Malatya,” Pikal said by telephone. “No one is coming out alive from the rubble.”

Turkey Is Going Through Very Difficult Times…

“Our hands cannot pick up anything because of the cold”

Pikal said road closures and damage to the area made it difficult to access areas in need of assistance, and rescuers were in short supply where he was.  

“Our hands cannot pick up anything because of the cold,” Pikal said. “Work machines are needed.”

More than 110,000 rescue workers are currently involved in the effort, and more than 5,500 vehicles including tractors, cranes, bulldozers, and excavators have been shipped, according to the Civil Protection Agency.

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