3 Fintech Stocks That Might be Potential Earners in 2023

As digital advancements revolutionize the financial services sector, it’s clear that fintech won’t be slowing down any time soon. Companies specializing in this area are poised to capitalize on these changes, and investors can look forward to significant returns from their investments in such stocks. With a surge of new integrations between traditional banking systems and innovative fintech solutions, there is immense potential for success ahead. It follows then that specific fintech stocks have enormous growth prospects over the course of 2023 – including those mentioned below!

Block Provides Fintech Solutions to Financial Institutions and Businesses

Block stock is a fintech company specializing in blockchain-based solutions for financial institutions and businesses. Their services range from digital asset management and smart contract development to blockchain integration, all built on networks like Ethereum and Hyperledger. This help improves the efficiency, security, and transparency of financial transactions without any hassles or worries about safety.

Block is well known for its Square point-of-sale systems and CashApp, which allow users to transfer money swiftly. CashApp has increased fees in recent years resulting in improved profits; consequently, analysts predict this trend will persist, with the majority of them giving SQ stock a ‘buy’ rating leading to an overall ‘overweight’ recommendation.

Block Provides Fintech Solutions to Financial Institutions and Businesses payoneer

Global Payments Offers Payment Processing Solutions for Various Industries

If you’re looking for a high-growth fintech stock to invest in during 2023, consider Global Payments. This company offers diverse payment solutions such as credit and debit card processing, electronic check processing, and online payment processing. During the first half of 2022 alone, its merchant services business saw an impressive 11% increase in revenue! Going into next year, Global Payments expects net revenues to grow an additional 10%-11%. Investing now could be a wise decision with this leader in payments technology. If that prediction is accurate, GPN stock will likely soar as they shift their focus on serving merchant businesses and corporate clients. This proves that the divestiture of its struggling customer business was a wise choice.

Payoneer Global Is A Company That Facilitates The Transfer Of Money From The Internet

Payoneer Global is a groundbreaking payment platform that empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to conveniently process international payments. Offering online money transfer and e-commerce payment solutions in over 200 countries, it’s no wonder they reported an impressive 30% year-over-year growth with revenues of $158.9 million for their third quarter! Payoneer Global stock is an attractive investment option due to its decreasing transaction costs as a percentage of revenue throughout 2022, which fell from 18.7% in Q1 to 17.6% by Q3. Payoneer has experienced exceptionally rapid growth in Latin America, with 50% YoY Q3 revenue growth reported there. Additionally, the company’s net losses through Q3 have been substantially lower than those in 2021 and amounted to only $1.82 million – a promising sign for investors!

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